Saturday, January 09, 2010

"Carries an imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati"

See entry for Scandal, Indirect.

Carol Ann Morrow, assistant managing editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine, published locally by the Franciscans at St. Anthony Messenger Press, defends the Catholic priestess movement in the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Gail Finke (”Your Voice” 1/7/10) will not soon be eligible to be a doctor OR a priest. She would need to study for BOTH professions. She implies that the women who are ordained are not prepared by both study and by calling to be so. That is an incorrect assumption on her part. She thinks the refusal of any competent medical licensing board to give her a medical license is comparable to the Roman Catholic Church’s refusal to ordain women. It is not. The licensing board checks education, credentials and worthiness and probably does a background check. If one meets all those criteria, one will receive a license whether man or woman.

The “licensing board” of the Church is being challenged to reconsider its criteria. This challenge is rooted in a study of Scripture and the ancient traditions of the Church. They are subject to debate in the view of many members of the Church, members who wish the Church and the vocation of the priesthood well, not ill. Ms. Finke’s readiness for either profession is inadequate.

It is not clear to many women and men that women are unqualified–by education, calling or gender–for the priesthood. It may be that the licensing boards are not in touch with their ultimate supervisor. That requires openness to dialogue and faithfulness to prayer.

Carol Ann Morrow


She is also the author of the publisher's "Quick Look at the New U.S. Catechism" and a Catholic Update devoted to Mary Magdalene ('natch). As I've written before, one of the small but certain things our new shepherd can do to indicate a new direction for the diocese is revoke the rubber stamp imprimatur his predecessor gave to St. Anthony Messenger Press.

UPDATE. Fr. Z has picked up the story: "Goofy wymympryst ideas in Cincinnati… again"